Robocortex services

With our core software components and a top level of expertise in vision based solutions, we can analyse your needs and develop customized solutions adapted to your business.

Custom services

We can help you design and realize your projects with image based detection, tracking and localization. Our R&D team is highly skilled in vision based technologies: object identification and recognition, texture based and model based tracking, stereo matching and 3D model reconstruction, camera calibration, fusion with IMU sensors, and many others.

AugmentedPro services

Ask for your specific solution including hardware and software components based on AugmentedPro. We can assist you in defining interfaces that best match your particular needs for augmented reality applications.

Ask for a free quotation !

You have specific needs for your application ? Use our software components and ask us for adaptations: port to your particular platform, customized user interface, complete application development, specific vision based algorithms or other demands related to our highly skilled expertise, from high level specifications to development and software maintenance service.